2017 AID Winter
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2120: 陳郁美 ; Author: Li Huang

It has been two months since Sydney came back from her 2016 summer AID camp from Taiwan. After all the ruckus of going college –shopping, orientation, registration, and finally moving¬in, the memory of summer has been shoved in the back of my mind. But I will never forget what she told me one day at home about the camp: “this is so far the best experience in my life”. I was quite moved by her statement but not surprised. It brought back all those memory of daily texting and exchanging message on Line with her. I remember her texting about how tired she was but how happy she was at the same time. There was worry and scare of typhoon. During the first day of teaching her partner and she run out of prepared materials to teach. There was the helpful hand of the young guy in serves. There were friendships she developed with her team AID volunteers. And the kids they were teaching, so smart and cute. And the food, they were so delicious. All these wonderful experiences were reflected in those photos, mountains of them, from her, FB, websites of AID and her school. My heart went light every time when scan those pictures. Seeing many happy faces of young men, women, and kids, always bring smile to me. I am really grateful for this opportunity the AID camp gave to Sydney. She could learn more about Taiwan, her father’s home, the people live in there, and the culture. I can tell the past two summer’s trips to Taiwan had formed a feeling of connection in her. She told me she hoped she can speak Chinese better when she was with relatives and friends in Taiwan. Now she is a freshman in college is taking a Chinese course. I am sure there will be more trips to Taiwan in her future. I wish to recommend this program to all teens wish to do volunteer work oversea. The program is well organized and executed, which is also both fun and educating. I hope in exchange the volunteers also brought positive experiences to the schools and young students they served, since the AID campers certainly gained a lot from their camp. Thanks again for the AID organizers and other supporting parties who helped bring the success of camp 2016.
2614: 蔡佩秀 ; Author: Ky Phanhsavath

I want to thank you, the Culture Center of TECO in Atlanta and Government of Taiwan for bringing such a wonderful program for our oversea Chinese youth. My daughter Halona Chai was very excited when she was accepted to the program. She wasn’t sure what to expect when she arrived. From what she has shared with us, the program is very well organized and successful. The one week preparation was short, but it was enough for the teachers to get going. The teacher partnering system also was a very good idea. The co-¬teaching helps her to learn from each other to prepare and teach the children. She said the students were eager to learn, and the students’ parents were very hospitable and kind to the foreign teachers. Her experience with Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Program help confirmed her desire to become a teacher. Although, the program is for her to teach English in Taiwan, she in turn, learned more about the about Chinese customs and cultures. After seeing all the oversea youth in Taiwan, she said that this is one of the largest programs she has ever attended that is well worth everyone’s time and efforts. It was a win¬-win program that benefited the students and teachers. Please continue this wonderful program for future teacher volunteers for Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer. Best Regards, Ky Phanhsavath and Lilian Chai
2109: 吳傑杰 ; Author: 吳俊岳

This is an excellent program. Our son had great time and wonderful experiences. He learned so much more about Taiwan and its people, culture and language. He made many friends who come from different cities in US and other countries. Especially, he bonded with a group of Taiwanese students in short period of time. This is very good program which can have positive impact for children and teenagers in many ways
2110: 許穎濤 ; Author: 陳群英

我比兒子還期待這個活動。從兒子被錄取以後,我幾乎是天天關注AID Summer 的網站。在兒子前往臺灣前,關廟國小的黃老師已經聯絡即將前往服務關廟國小的8位同學和成立了Line 組群。 為前往臺灣及教學課程做準備。
第二和第三個星期在關廟國小服務, 感謝關廟國小和黃老師架構了AID Summer 的臉書網頁。我每天都上網去看學校放上去的照片,看到兒子在關廟國小教學的點點滴滴和跟小朋友之間的互動。週六和週末,學校還會帶他們到台南附近的景點去玩,當然也少不了台南的美食。

2113: 黃郁文 ; Author: 黃彥穎

2118: 陳瑜廷 ; Author: 林孟君

很高興我的女兒有機會參加這個英文服務營的活動.她非常的喜歡,也從中獲得很多難得的經驗. 其中包括適應團體生活,體會教學經驗,學習和孩童互動及訓練領導能力,還學會怎麼去逛市. 這一趟台灣之行,非常的有意義,也很值得. 謝謝辦理這個活動的各單位. 可惜的是,這個活動每個人只能參加一次, 否則,他還想再參加一次.
2119: 徐璐璐 ; Author: 駱薇

非常感謝僑務委員會組織"海外華裔青年英語服務營",我女兒Grace非常喜歡台灣的民俗和文化。她說,很有中華傳統特色,也非常熱鬧。 本來不太喜歡學中文,從台灣回來後, 就選了中文課。希望服務營能年年辦下去,越辦越好。 Wei Lou
2123: 魏芃嫒 ; Author: Shou Lin

女兒魏芃嬡於今年暑假回台灣參加中華民國地區英語夏令營教學活動由僑委會舉辦。我們都感到十分榮幸小女有如此的機會。在經過甄試,獲得錄取這對小女是一個很好的肯定。也對她是一個很好的經驗,在未來的成長、求學當中有絕大的助益!我們為使十分感謝僑委會的努力,在教學課程計劃和經費方面的給予最大的支持及幫助! 小女生於美國芝加哥,自小在美國生長受教育即使曾學習中文、在家也與母親與國語溝通。在語文能力方面仍有不足,我們做父母總是希望他多能接觸中文無論是說聽寫方面及多認識台灣文化歷史。 很高興小女這透過此活動在台北劍潭集訓敎學,了解如何教導學生及生活規則之外,又能與來自美國世界各地的青年們互相認識,彼此交流更是十分難得。由於小女這次分發在阿里山地區,此次分配有六個人一組前往。對於她這是一個完全分新鮮的經驗透過英文教學除了能解當地的人文丶地理之外, 更了解山區需要這方面的協。她也不斷地提及那裡的小孩子天真無邪及留下美好的相處時光。這將更是她未來歲月的美好回憶! 此次小女參加夏令營中學到不少人生中寶貴的經驗,尤其在阿里山因為小學生相處更了解台灣有不同民族組成與美國類似。又與各地海外年輕學生一起觀摩交流不只是生活還有知識各方面。透過這次的經驗讓我女兒在成熟許多我們做父母親都感到欣慰,更希望往後有更多海外的學生能有機會參加這個有意義的活動。
2125: 陳怡廷 ; Author: Kai-Ling Chen

在一次同鄉會聚餐活動上得知僑委會提供一個暑期活動給海外的華裔青年,於是我上網查看資料並鼓勵女兒參加,她也著手申請並幸運地得到這個參與的機會,這是個非常正面有意義的活動。感謝駐亞特蘭台北經濟文化辦事處及亞特蘭大僑教中心所有的工作人員。讓Christine。有機會了解台灣的歷史、地理、文化及人文之美。活動從7/2-到7/30,第一週在劍潭青年活動中心受訓,她學習到教學的技巧和相關課程,既及與學員們團隊合作和共同生活的互動。經過一週的 集訓Christine。和其他五位成員被分發到屏東縣竹田鄉西勢國小服務。竹田鄉擁有豐富的傳統古蹟、客庄文化及生態觀光景點。從劍潭青年活動中心南下的那一天正好是尼伯特颱風來襲。真是很特別的見面禮。第二週和第三週英語教學是重頭戲,讓她深深體會到南台灣的「熱」情,在炎炎夏日沒有空調設備的教室裡,小朋友們的學習精神依然不減。感謝校長、主任及指導老師們的熱心以及接待家庭的熱忱,對她們提供了非常好的協助與照顧。兩個星期充滿挑戰的志工生活與學生們的互動相處,對Christine。而言有著深刻的啟發和豐富的收穫。第四週是台灣特色文化之旅,讓她見識到許多的新奇事物與寶島風光,還享受了臺灣美食,更留下了許多珍貴的回憶。四週的活動,與學員們朝夕相處,彼此間也建立了深厚的友誼同時也結交了許多好朋友,活動結束後看到她們依依不捨含淚告別。我們深信這個活動帶給她身、心、靈滿滿的收穫。對於承辦單位我們充滿感激,感謝師長、輔導員及所有工作人員,因為這樣的機會讓在海外的新生代藉著生活更深入瞭解認識父母所成長的文化環境。 Kai-Ling Chen
2126: 羅力明 ; Author: 羅迪安

The 2016 AID Summer program in Taiwan is really a great opportunity for all young Chinese descendants to learn about the culture, language, and explore the beautiful land of their ancestry. It provided my son Edward the experience he always dreams about the land and people where I was born. This program allowed him to travel to Taiwan not only to teach English to the very well behave middle school students but also to have the chance to learn the Taiwanese culture, lifestyle and taste the typical Chinese food, in addition to visiting the Taiwan’s beautiful views and landmarks. It is a very safe and well organized oversea program. I definitely recommend to more young people to participate. Thanks for this amazing and memorable lifetime experience.
2128: 黃揚理 ; Author: 黃光榮

I have heard this program from my friends at Raleigh Chinese Language School since 5 years ago. They have told me how great this program is to their children. Therefore, I encouraged my son Justin to apply this program earlier this year. When he got admitted, I know this will be one of the biggest lifetime opportunities to help him to transfer to more independent person. Even though he was supposed to be away from us for more than a month to join this program, we knew TECO would take good care of him while he is in Taiwan. When Justin came back from Taiwan in August, we can see the improvement of his living skill and social skill. He suddenly grew up a lot after he came back from Taiwan this summer. I really appreciate TECO gave Justin opportunity to join this program and train him to teach English in Taiwan. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends in the future.
2131: 黃建掄 ; Author: 陳盈如

2615: 陳宣穎 ; Author: 林青平

第二、三週的實際教學,讓這些向來是「受」的ㄧ方,有機會站在講台來教授國小四、五年級學生,初嚐為人師的滋味。準備課程及實際應用教學上的調整,也給Rachel很大的震撼。經過幾度彈性調整課程內容,她學習到如何活用教材及指導老師指點,得以完成預定目標。 在教授的孩子們身上,讓Rachel傷過腦筋,也讓她最後突破難關,最後享受到學生展示學習成果。